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Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired (VRCBVI)

401 Azalea Avenue
Richmond, VA 23227

(804) 371-3151

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(804) 371-3151
(800) 622-2155

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At the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired (VRCBVI) students' interests and attitudes with respect to leisure, recreation, and social relationships are explored to assist the individual in identifying, locating, and using recreational resources in his/her community.

  • Activities addressed are games, sports, nature activities, collection activities, crafts, art and music, educational, entertainment and cultural activities, and volunteer and organizational activities.
  • Physical Conditioning - This program focuses on the individual's approach to physical fitness through cardiovascular conditioning, development of strength and flexibility, and nutrition. Group activities consist of games, calisthenics, aerobics, weight lifting, obstacle courses, and stunts/tumbling. At the completion of this course, students should be able to develop and implement a physical fitness program independently. Medical approval is required for participation.
  • Swimming - This course offers instruction in water survival, beginning and advanced swimming, and water aerobics.  It also provides exercise for improvement in flexibility and stamina.
  • Bowling - Selecting proper grip, stances, selecting a ball, approach.


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