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UnitedHealthcare Insurance Co.

(888) 491-2247

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(888) 491-2247
(866) 414-1959

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United Healthcare is a provider of Cardinal Care Medicaid coverage on behalf of states across the nation, including Virginia. The range of plans they offer are Dual Eligible Plans (Medicare - Cardinal Care Medicaid); Cardinal Care Medicaid Plans; and Individual & Family Plans (Exchange).

The Cardinal Care Medicaid plans include their own plans, CCC Plus, TANF/Medicaid expansion, and FAMIS. All of these coverages offer rides to and from medical visits and the pharmacy.

To contact with questions and/or to schedule rides contact the adjacent plan you have 7 days a week 8 am - 8 pm.

United Healthcare CCC Plus: 844-267-3826

United Healthcare TANF/Cardinal Care Medicaid Expansion: 833-762-7228

United Healthcare FAMIS: 833-762-7228

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