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Magellan Complete Care of Virginia

3829 Gaskins Road
Richmond, VA 23233

(800) 424-4524

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(800) 424-4524
(888) 221-1590

Who We Are

Magellan Complete Care of Virginia Medicaid benefits offers standard benefits. Transportation is offered with the managed care programs of CCC Plus and Medallion 4.0. If you need a ride to your healthcare appointment call Veyo; if you have CCC Plus call Veyo at (877) 790-9472; if you have Medallion 4.0 call Veyo at (833) 273-7416.

Please read the FAQs to learn more about Veyo transportation services. If a family member or friend can drive you to your appointment, they may be eligible for mileage reimbursement.

Who We Serve

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Cost & Payment Methods

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Age Requirements
No Age Requirement
Other Eligibility Criteria
For individuals with CCC Plus or Medallion 4.0 coverage.

Intake Process
Please call or read the FAQ's for more information. Call the corresponding number to set up transportation.