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CogniCheck, Inc.

P.O. Box 11901
Lynchburg, VA 24506

(434) 942-9325

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(434) 942-9325

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CogniCheck Human Memory Screenings offer both online/web-based and CD-ROM based (which require no Internet connection) versions of their clinically-tested memory screenings.  The screenings allow persons to screen aspects of their short-term memory in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

The screenings were developed and scientifically evaluated by university-affiliated clinical neuropsychologists who specialize in memory loss assessment. The computer-based screenings consist of three objective memory tests that screen seven aspects of persons' immediate and delayed verbal (involving words and digits) and visual (involving human faces) recall and recognition. Similar types of memory processes are commonly assessed in clinical practice.

Upon completion of the clinically-tested screenings users' test performances are compared to a normative database and individualized reports are generated that interpret their screening results into easily understandable terms and in relation to their ages (designed for ages 45 through 86 years).

In addition to aiding in the identification of age-inappropriate memory impairments, the memory screenings may provide peace-of-mind to persons whose results all fall within normal limits for their particular ages. The screenings may also prove beneficial as baseline screenings to which future such memory assessments can be compared. To access the web-based screening versions, please visit: See Memory Screenings

For individuals who prefer the CD-ROM based version, which does not require an Internet connection, please call CogniCheck in the Lynchburg, Virginia area at 434-942-9325 or Toll Free at 888-547-9341

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