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WVTF Radio Station

3520 Kingsbury Lane
Roanoke, VA 24014

(540) 989-8900

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Contact Information

(540) 989-8900
(800) 856-8900

Who We Are

The WVTF Radio Reading Service (RRS) provides readings from current newspapers, books, magazines, and other printed material to individuals who are vision-impaired. This service requires a special radio receiver that WVTF provides free of charge to qualified applicants.

To pick up WVTF Radio Reading Service, listeners need a "subcarrier" receiver (FM-SCA receiver). The RRS requires that a receiver application form be filled out by the listener (or family member). A portion of the application must also be completed by a medical professional or public welfare agent to verify the need for the special radio which WVTF provides free of charge.

Call for radio frequency for your town.

This service and WVTF are owned and operated by Virginia Tech Foundation.

Applications can be mailed to New Vision at 2502 Melrose Ave NW, Suite B, Roanoke, VA 24017

The Radio Reading Service can also now be accessed through Alexa and other smart speakers.

Who We Serve

Languages Spoken
Service Area(s)
Bedford County
Botetourt County
Bristol City
Charlottesville City
Danville City
Lynchburg City
Roanoke City
Roanoke County
Salem City
Smyth County
Staunton City
Waynesboro City

Cost & Payment Methods

Fee Structure
No Fee

Age Requirements
No Age Requirement
Other Eligibility Criteria
Individuals with a visual/physical impairment which prohibits them from reading.

Available 24/7
Additional Availability Comments
Business hours are Monday-Friday.
Reading Service is 24 hours

Intake Process
Visit the website for the application to be completed and mailed in to receive your free device. You may also call for more information.
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