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Advanced Aeromedical

3429 Chandler Creek Road
Suite 102
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

(757) 481-1590

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(757) 481-1590
(800) 346-3556

Who We Are

Advance Aeromedical offers global air ambulance service, including advanced life support services, to patients needing transport for 200 miles or more.  Patient transport by stretcher is available on some commercial airlines. Advanced Aeromedical will make the arrangements for the patient and traveling companions. Patient will be accompanied by medical crew members. Service is bedside to bedside.

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Who We Serve

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Cost & Payment Methods

Payment Method(s)
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Age Requirements
No Age Requirement

Available 24/7
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Offers 24 hour live voice support and dispatch.

Intake Process
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(800) 346-3556

For Transportation Providers Only:

We can accommodate riders with:
Escorts (with paid fare)
Hearing Impairment
Manual wheelchairs
Personal Care Attendants
Powered wheelchairs
Vision Impairment
To accommodate riders, we offer:
One-on-one staff assistance
Staff training on assisting people with mobility problems