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Navigator Centers are organizations with computers and Internet access that voluntarily provide free access to the resources found on and

Often the people visiting Navigator Centers don't have access to a computer or the Internet, but, thanks to organizations around Virginia, they can have access to a most comprehensive collection of health, aging, disability, veteran, and caregivers resources.

What does it take to become a Navigator Center?

Only two things are required: a commitment to provide free, confidential assistance with our Family of Websites, and a computer with Internet access. Most organizations that volunteer as Navigator Centers utilize existing staff to help those that visit their Center.

Our staff provide free training, awareness materials and on-going educational resources and information. At the completion of training, the organization is included among our statewide list of Navigator Centers.

How do Navigator Centers help those in need? 

There are many ways Navigator Centers help those in need. Here are some of the things our current Centers are doing.

  • Providing a web connected computer and a trained staff member or volunteer to assist neighbors
  • Helping friends and neighbors find the resources available on the websites
  • Creating awareness of the services by mentioning the websites and Navigator Centers at places of worship, town meetings, other organization or volunteer meetings, community events, etc
  • Creating awareness of their Navigator Center by placing awareness materials in public locations like pharmacies, beauty salons, community centers, convenience stores, etc
  • Providing stories of people being helped by their Center that can be distributed to the media to create awareness, placed on the website, or delivered to other centers
  • Helping VirginiaNavigator Family of Website's collection of resources grow by telling their physicians, lawyers, other community organizations, pharmacists, and care providers about the website, and encouraging them to add or update their information
  • Participating as a Navigator Center in community events such as county fairs, health awareness days, and town meetings
  • Identifying other organizations that would be interested in becoming a Navigator Center, and encouraging them to enroll for our free training class

If you work for an organization you think might be interested in becoming a Navigator Center, please email your interest to You may also contact us by calling 804-525-7728 or toll-free 1-866-393-0957.