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AARP Livability Fact Sheets: The Complete Collection

The Livability Fact Sheets were created in partnership by AARP Livable Communities and the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute. The two organizations have the shared goal of helping towns, cities and communities nationwide to become safer, healthier, more walkable and overall livable for people of all ages. 

A package of 11 comprehensive, easy-to-read livability resources, the fact sheets can be used individually or as a collection by community leaders, policy makers, citizen activists and others to learn about and explain what makes a city, town or neighborhood a great place to live. 

Each topic-specific fact sheet is a four-page document that can be read online — by visiting AARP Livable Communities Fact Sheets — or printed and distributed. We encourage sharing, so please forward the URL and use the fact sheets for discussions and research. If you have comments or questions, contact us at and/or

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