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Virginia Trip Planner ~ connectingVA


DRPT is developing and implementing a system for public, human service, and specialized transportation; mobility management; travel training; and transportation-supportive programs and services. This system will cover the entire state and all population demographics including individuals with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and individuals with opioid use disorder.

Virginia Trip Planner ~ connectingVA

DRPT wants to help you find the transportation services you need. The Virginia Trip Planner helps people plan trips with bus, rail, bikeshare, carpools, vanpools, and walking anywhere around the Commonwealth. DRPT provides information about transportation services and is Virginia’s most thorough directory of public transit, human service, and specialized transportation services.

► Start by going to DRPT's connectingVA web page:

  • Scroll down the page to the GET CONNECTED transportation widget
  • Then click on the Find Your Ride button

Other Transportation Resources

To find more resources and information for your transportation needs including helpful articles, books and guides, and links, follow the links below:

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