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SUN Bucks (Summer EBT)

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Summer Grocery Benefit for Kids

SUN Bucks is a new grocery benefit available across most of the U.S. Families with eligible school-aged children can get $120 per child to buy groceries during the summer. SUN Bucks may have a different name depending on your location.

Families can receive SUN Bucks on top of other benefits like SNAP and WIC, and children can continue to enjoy free SUN Meals from local meal sites or with SUN Meals To-Go.

How to Get SUN Bucks

If you’re already enrolled in benefits like SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR, your school-age children will automatically be enrolled in SUN Bucks if it’s available where you live. Also, if your child attends a school that offers the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program (NSLP/SBP), and your household income meets the requirements for free or reduced-price school meals, your child may automatically be enrolled in SUN Bucks.

If you are NOT automatically enrolled, you can apply for SUN Bucks directly. To qualify, you must meet income limits and other requirements.

Once you’re enrolled, SUN Bucks may be automatically added to your SNAP account, issued as a separate electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card, or sent in other ways depending on where you live.

SUN Bucks is Available in Virginia

Information about eligibility and enrollment coming soon.

> Go the VDSS Virginia SUN Bucks page on 7/1/2024:

> For more information go to USDA Food and Nutrition Service SUN Bucks page:

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