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Coping with Depression


Depression can be common among caregivers and is often a normal response to a difficult situation. If you are experiencing depression symptoms it's important to seek help and support.

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  • Caregiver depression can take a toll on you and your ability to care for your loved one. Understand the signs of caregiver depression and how to prevent it. 

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  • Caregivers are at a high risk for depression. Learn how to recognize depression in yourself and others and how to treat it.

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  • The importance of good mental health among older adults is stressed in this article. It identifies the signs of depression and other emotional problems and suggests steps older adults can take to overcome these problems.

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  • Depression is not a normal part of aging. This article provides a description of the signs, symptoms, and treatment options of depression in older adults.

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  • Have you ever had a bad mood you just couldn’t shake? Everyone feels grouchy or irritable some days. But a bad mood or major mood swings that go on too long may signal a bigger problem. The good news is that certain healthy habits can help you boost your mood.

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